In case you're using Edge to ingest material that was backed up on another machine, you first need to locally import the backup.

Before you can play out files in Edge, start encoding or ingesting dailies, you first need to check in the files in the local library of Edge. During import, Edge will extract any available metadata and execute quality control. Apart from that, you can also add some more metadata.

1. Select files you would like to process

First of all, make sure you have selected the 'import' app in the toolbar on the left.

Secondly, choose the file/folder you want to import in Edge and hit continue.

Finally, you can make a selection of file formats and indicate if you would like to treat time lapse videos as separate images or as a sequence.

2. Metadata

Edge will add metadata to the imported files. You can give in your own destination path. Just like with backing up, this metadata will be transferred to Flow when you ingest the files. 

3. Complete import.

Once you gave in the metadata, you can complete the import.