This article describes how you get access to the full functionality using a registered account. 

Before you can experience the full functionality of Limecraft Edge for ingesting and or Limecraft Flow's advanced workflow features, you require proper permissions in a regular account. There are two possibilities.

Either you work a company that has a framework agreement with Limecraft. To get access to one of the catalogues or productions of your company, please refer to your local account manager. In case you don't know your account manager, please drop us a line ( and we'll see what we can do for you.

Otherwise, if you haven't done so, we recommend you subscribe for a trial account. By doing so, you are sure we have your contact details. It is not necessary to enter payment details yet, a trial account is free of charge. As soon as your trial account is up and running, best is to get in touch as well ( so we can make you an offer that matches your requirements and give you the proper permissions.