Assuming you have the permission to invite colleagues, you can add them to your account or you can invite them directly within a specific production. If you don't have permission to invite other people, please refer to your technical account manager.

Inviting colleagues within a production

To give access to other people in the context of a specific production, use the "Manage team" action in the top navigation.

Assuming you have permission to manage the team, you will be redirected to the configuration of the production where you get an overview of the users in the production and their permissions. 

When you use the "Invite" button, a pop up invites you to add the email addresses of one or more collaborators, upon which you can grant them specific access permissions.

Adding colleagues to your account

As an account manager, you may want to add users to your account without assigning them specific permissions in one or more productions (yet). You can access the team management via "Account settings" on the dashboard.

When you edit a colleague, you can check in which productions he or she participates and in what capacity.

Using the "Add user" function, you can invite one or more users, and delegate permissions as an account manager or production manager.