Learn how to backup one or more disks with Edge and upload your material to Limecraft Flow, the online production hub.

1. Installing Edge

When you are logged into Flow and click on the profile symbol in the top right corner, you'll see a "Download Limecraft Edge" option. Click on that:

You'll be taken to a second screen which gives you the option to download Edge for Mac or Windows. Choose whichever one you want and continue with the download.

2. Logging in with Edge

After downloading and opening Edge, it will ask for your licence key. You will find this key in Flow, under Account settings > Usage and billing. If you don't have a licence key, please contact us on support@limecraft.com

After you've activated your licence key, use your Flow username and password to log in. Tick the box “I agree to the terms and conditions”

3. Selecting your active production

After a successful login all your productions are listed. Click on the production you want to access.

4. Anatomy of the application

This is what Edge looks like after you download it. You can find more about the functionality of Edge here.