Upon ingest, Limecraft processes any professional and consumer file format you might come across during your production, including but not limited to specific formats by Sony, Arri, Panasonic and RED. Limecraft also accepts formats optimised for editing such as all common DNx or ProRes flavours. Apart from these, Limecraft also processes structured file formats like IMF, DCP, iTunes or Amazon packages. A complete list of supported file formats is available online.

The latest 23.5 release includes support for Full RED magazine and spanned clips ingest is supported through Edge, for older versions of R3D files. Ingest is no longer supported on Limecraft Flow. Full support for recent R3D clips and magazines with GPU acceleration is available as of release 2023.2. Also XAVC and AVC Intra 50/100 transcoding output from all listed input sources is now supported.

Collections can be shared or reviewed using Limecraft specific web proxies, allowing frame-accurate behaviour, low-latency browsing and switching between audio channels. 

Upon export to edit, Limecraft converts to and exports native edit formats such as DNx for Avid Media Composer, and ProRes for Adobe Premiere. Apart from the above, material can be rendered in a wide variety of file formats for publication. To these purposes, Limecraft uses built-in video transcoding technology if possible or integrates a third party transcoder if necessary.