Limecraft Edge is the most versatile video ingest software available on the market. Limecraft Edge combines backup to different locations including verification, audio sync, multi-cam workflows, encoding of proxies, LUTs and watermarks, and transfers to various destinations. This article will give you a sense of the different applications and use cases.

Limecraft Edge is the Swiss army knife for data handlers. Whether you are using Limecraft Flow or a third party Asset Management system to manage your moving and still pictures, making sure your media is transferred to the right destination (including the right metadata and right file formats) is a challenge.

Limecraft Edge is Limecraft's signature application to manage backup (offload), audio synchronisation, colour grading, rendering of proxies, as well as ingest into one or more locations. It can handle thousands of files at the same time. It is extremely reliable and handles all common consumer and professional file formats. And it will make sure you'll never loose a single shot anymore. 

1. Backup

Whether you're responsible for handling the rushes on a high-end film set or when you just want to make some copies, you may want to secure one of more copies rushes before anything else.

Using Edge, you can make one or more copies to specific destinations. Unless you disable the function, Edge will check the data integrity before and after copying. Upon successful completion, you can instruct Edge to directly proceed with the encoding and ingest operation according to a certain profile (see below).

2. Audio synchronisation and handling Multicam Material

In case the audio is recorded on a separate audio device, or if you are handling the material from a multicam setup, you can use the Media Sync app to make sure the audio is properly synchronised and the clips are correctly merged into 'Group Clips' for editing.

3. Quality Control

As soon as the material is backed up, you can inspect the visual or audio quality, as well as the technical and descriptive metadata. To do so, just hit the Playout app.

4. Ingest

As soon as you've added the proper metadata and set the conditions for synchronisation, you can use the ingest function to create browse and edit proxies, and to instruct Edge to transfer the original footage as well as the different proxies to the appropriate destinations. Depending on the available CPU power, Edge can handle several transcoding and transfer processes in parallel. It is an extremely reliable process that copes with temporary drops in the network and poor bandwidth conditions.

5. Import

In case the backup and ingest processes are executed on different machines, you need to "import" the backup on the second machine that is responsible for executing the ingest. During import, the integrity of the files will be double checked.

6. Download

Apart from automating the encoding and ingest of rushes and dailies, Edge can also be used to pull certain collections out of Limecraft Flow for editing or further processing.