This article explains how we treat time-lapse input 

When time-lapse videos are encoded as video, we will obviously treat them as such. However, sometimes time-lapses are made available as image sequences. To avoid overloading your library with hundreds of similar still pictures, you can use Limecraft Edge to pre-process the image sequences and to make sure they are ingested as a proper video file.

In case you need to ingest a time-lapse in the form of a folder that contains all separate images, Edge will recognise the files as such upon import, and it will give you the opportunity to decide whether you would like to upload all images separately or as video.

Upon successful completion of the import, you can modify the frame rate of the time-lapse video in the local library of Edge that is accessible through the Playout tab. Setting the right frame rate is important if you have the intention to use the time lapse with other video files in editing.