This article summarises the prerequisites to use manual or machine transcription and translation

Before you can use Limecraft transcription and translation services, the following conditions must be fulfilled.

You must have access to a Registered Account

If your company has a framework agreement with Limecraft, please refer to your local account manager to invite you to a production or a catalogue. 

If not, you can subscribe for a trial account, which is however limited in capacity. Please contact Limecraft ( if you need any help in converting your trial account into a regular account.

You should have uploaded one or more fragments with audio

Once you have access to a production which is part of a registered account, please make sure the fragments you want to transcribe are successfully uploaded into the production. 

You can upload individual fragments by dragging and dropping them into the library, or you can use Limecraft Edge to upload larger collections in bulk.

You need transcription and or translation credits

Transcription and translation comes at a cost which is not included in the regular subscription fee. If you try to launch a transcription or translation job and Limecraft Flow throws back that you don't have "sufficient credits", you first need to make a settlement over these.

In case you have been invited by the local account manager of your company or the commissioning editor of your production, please check with them to provision sufficient capacity.

If you are the producer, please refer to your account manager at Limecraft or use to buy transcription or translation credits.