Limecraft is the preferred Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solution for audiovisual professionals. To support the wides possible variety language flavours and different use cases including audio transcription, paper edits and subtitling, Limecraft uses different ASR solutions on a case per case basis. This article explains which ASR engines are currently accessible.

Limecraft offers a range of speech-to-text services optimised for different purposes or languages. To obtain the best results for a specific use case or language, we can switch between the different Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions. For example, some ASR engines are rather optimised for speed (low latency) or price, others are optimised for maximum recognition performance. In specific cases we can go as far as training an ASR engine to a specific purpose.

The following speech to text engines are currently supported

After Automatic Speech Recognition, Limecraft may process the results to optimise the output for the particular use case. For example, turning transcripts in subtltles may require rewriting numerical formats and currencies.

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