Your workspace in Limecraft can be configured on different levels. Account-level settings are applicable to all productions in the account and are only accessible to the account manager. Production-level settings such as custom fields and applicable spotting rules for subtitling are accessible for the account manager and the production manager. Further down, specific settings may be applied per Edge instance or per user.

If you are account manager or production manager, production-level settings are accessible through the drop down menu in the top navigation.

Using the production settings, you get overviews of all team members and their permissions, the workflows that have been scheduled or executed. Under the fold, you can modify how the applications will look and feel to your team members.

Note: on the level of the account, the account manager can create production templates. When a new production is created according to a template, it will inherit all settings from the template. See the article on production templates in the Account Management section here.