This article describes which export formats are available and the steps you need to take to export such subtitles.

First of all, please check that the subtitle editor is switched on using the navigation bar on top. Also, in case you bootstrapped the subtitles from the transcription, please make sure the subtitles are generated.

At this point you can use the EXPORT function on top of the subtitle editor. Upon export, you can choose either of the following export formats: 

  • SRT: Subtitles for online use. Less possibilities than other formats.
  • STL: Broadcasting, Avid, Premiere
  • EBU-TT-D: XML-format (non binary)
  • WebVTT: webformat 

The subtitle files will be dropped in the folder that your browser uses as download space.

If one of these formats is not available, please contact your production or account admin to check the settings.