The Reviewing functionalities of your Limecraft Workspace can be used for commenting, tagging, and setting the verification status. This article demonstrates how to use the commenting functionality to effectively collaborate with your team members.

To use the commenting and collaboration pane, navigate to the Review application on your Limecraft Workspace as explained in this article

Adding Comments related to a specific Region of Interest

Comment a specific area on a frame by clicking on it and typing a comment. The text appears on the right commenting pane for easy review.

Limecraft Screenshot illustrating how to add comments related to a specific region of interest

By clicking on the comment in the commenting pane, the video automatically jumps to the right frame showing the specific location on the screen.

Adding Comments without specifying the Region of Interest

Click on 'Add Comment'  in the commenting pane to type a comment unattached to a specific location on the video.

Limecraft screenshot illustrating how to add comments to a clip without specifying the region of interest

Save your comment by clicking anywhere in the screen or type shift+enter.

Editing or Replying to Comments

Use the applicable icons to edit or reply comments. All comments are shown in the commenting pane on the right side of the screen. 

Limecraft screenshot illustrating how to edit or reply to comments using the pencil or reply button on top of the comment

Applying Hashed Tags or Tagged Team Members

To tag a collaborator in a comment use the @ icon. An automatic email notification is sent to the person with a direct link to the comment. 

Use a hashtag # to select a topic in a list or create a new hashtag. 

Hashtags can be used in the library search to efficiently retrieve clips and comments. 

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