The Sharing application from Limecraft allows you to easily and securely share individual clips or collections of material with third parties without granting them full access in your Workspace. Sharing settings allow you to give permission to download all or specific versions of the clips, to give feedback in the form of comments or approval, or to return modified versions. 

The key advantages of using Limecraft for Sharing Video, instead of third party applications like WeTransfer, Dropbox or, are that you avoid making unnecessary copies and that you're saving time by avoiding additional file transfers.


Sharing Clips, Subclips or Collections

Collaborate and share your content with external parties (not part of your production team) with the use of a shared link. Via the link, external collaborators have access to review, comment, download or upload content directly on Limecraft Workspace depending on your choices when creating the link.

You can share your content in the following three ways.

1. Sharing a clip

Share an individual clip from the selection of clip actions.

Limecraft screenshot detail illustrating how to access clip-level actions including video sharing

2. Sharing multiple clips

Share several clips by selecting them in the library and click the 'Share' function on top.

Using Limecraft Flow, you can easily share clips with third parties. Use the share icon on top of the thumbnail, or select a number of clips and use the share function on top

Share a collection by clicking on the coggwheel next to the collection to open the collection actions menu.

Limecraft screenshot detail illustrating how you can access the sharing function by using collection-level actions

NOTE: When sharing a collection, you can give the access for collaborators to upload material and versions directly to the shared collection. Material is available in the collection on your Workspace as well as on the share page. 

How to create a shared link?

Share material on Limecraft Workspace with the following easy steps.

1. Select material to share

Select material and the way to share it as shown above. 

When sharing clips or collections of clips with third parties, Limecraft Flow asks you for confirmation before generating a shareable link

3. Determine the sharing settings

The first page of the sharing settings gives you the link, option to notify with an email and a text box to add further information. You can send an email via the dialog or copy the link and share in your prefered channel. 

The second page allows you to configure the permissions and security settings.

  • Enable the 'Review clips' permission so the receiving party can create comments. If you don't enable this, they won't see any comments nor will they be able to create them.
  • If you want the receiving party to be able to download clips, enable the 'Download permission. 
  • Enable Upload  clips (only available if you shared a collection).
  • Enable the 'Approve clips' permission if you want the receiving party to be able to set the review status
  • Set a password for increased security.
  • Set the date of link expiry for increased security.
  • Require a name when opening a share link.

Asking for the name of the person allows you to identify who reviews or approves your content. 

Limecraft screenshot of the review app, showing the threads of comments

Users with workspace admin credentials are able to review and edit the shared links that have already been created in the past. If you notice that a mistake was made, for instance, with the permissions, it is possible to adjust them afterwards.