The Sharing functionality of Limecraft Flow allows users to easily and securely share individual clips or collections of material with third parties without granting them full access in their Workspace. This article explains how you can approve clips and set verification status when you received a link to shared clips on Limecraft Workspace.

Assuming that the Review Status was enabled at the creation of the shared link, you can set the Review or verification status of material in the Share. There are two ways to set the Review status of a clip: directly from a list view or in the player view. 

List View

As mentioned in this article, you can toggle between grid and list view of presenting the clips on the home page overview of your share page. When selecting the list view, as shown below, you have the option to set the review status on the selection column on the right side of the page. 

Picture showing the Review functionality on the share page when using the list view.

Player View

Alternatively, you can set the review status while reviewing the clip in the player mode. The review dropdown list is available on the upper right part of the page. 

Picture showing how to select review status for a clip shared with a Limecraft Share.

The available review statuses depend on what has been configured for the workspace on which the clip is managed. 

It's important to note that there is only one review status for the clip. If you approve it, the clip is approved for everyone viewing the clip.

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