Choose a custom thumbnail to represent your clip in the Limecraft Flow library

When you open your Flow library in a grid view, it looks something like the image below. The thumbnails (the reduced-size pictures that show a preview of your material) are selected automatically. By default, our algorithm chooses the most significant frame. We purposely do not take the very first image in the video, because that is often just a black image. 

The thumbnail should therefore already give you a good indication of the content of the video. However, it is possible to change the thumbnail to a specific shot to your liking.

To do that, choose a video and open the 'clip info' panel by clicking the little 'i' symbol.

In the bottom right corner, you will find a camera symbol ('keyframe'). Clicking that gives you two options as shown below.

The first option 'Set frame as poster image' is the one you want to pick. Before clicking this, you need to position the player to the exact image you want to use as thumbnail. You can use the player controls to do this. 

Once you've paused the player onto the right image, click 'set frame as poster image'. If you go back to your Library now, you will see that the thumbnail has been changed to the one we chose before. 

In the upper selection, you can choos from which version you want to make the thumb from.

The second option 'Download frame' allows you to download the frame that the player is currently showing.