Keep track of which workflows have been started and completed

Before you begin: to access this page, you must have permission to do so. This means that you need to be either the production admin or account admin.

To access the 'workflow overview', go to your Production Settings as shown below. You will find this section under 'Manage Production'.

The 'workflow overview' section gives you an overview of all workflows. You will see the following types of workflows here:

  • Ingest: the method to process material you uploaded in Edge via import/backup, to Flow or a local drive.
  • Transcription: the process of converting speech into text. 
  • Fingerprint: the process that runs in the background which validates if the server version corresponds with the local version of the media 
  • Shot detection: the automated detection of transitions between shots.
  • Translation: the process of translating your transcript or subtitles. 
  • Subtitling: the process of providing subtitles for your media.  
  • ... (any custom workflows will also appear here) 

The overview gives you further details such as the ID, duration, start date and time and who performed this workflow. 

You can also filter for certain worfklows. Under the filter 'status', you can filter workflows that have started, are giving an error or workflows that have been completed.

You can also filter on the type of workflow, as seen below.

Lastly, there is also a search box. By default, we will be searching in the label of a workflow. 

Some more advanced user cases are: 

  • Searching for workflows of a clip with a certain Flow ID: 

  • Searching for workflows with a certain ID: