As a production manager or an account manager, you have access to a searchable workflow overview of workflow history and currently running workflows. This overview gives you insights into the different types of workflows; when they were started, duration, workflow status, user among other details. The overview is available both at the account level as well as production level. 

1. Access workflow overview in the account settings and production settings 

Depending on your purposes you can find workflow overview in the account settings (workflows across different productions) or production settings (workflows for the specific production). 

Account settings

Production Settings

2 Searchable overview

In the workflow overview, you have an overview of all the workflows in a table that you can scroll and search. Examples of workflows are:

  • Ingest
  • Transcription
  • Fingerprint
  • Shot detection
  • Translation
  • Subtitling 
  • ... (any custom workflows will also appear here) 

You can use the filters to dive in to insights that you require for your purposes.

The details in the overview include for example, the workflow status, workflow duration, time of creation, name of the user among others.

Workflow insights and management

Clicking the eye icon gives you a more detailed view of the selected workflow.

Clicking on the three dots opens a window with actions and options to manage the workflow. Here you have the possibility to for example cancel or pause a workflow if needed. 

Use workflow overview for insights over currently running workflows in your account, for following up the status of workflows and for managing workflows.