View and edit the settings on your shared material

Before you begin: to be able to access this page, you must have permission to do so. This means that you need to be either the production admin or account admin.

To access the 'shared material', go to your Production Settings as shown below. You will find this section under 'Manage Production'.

You can share clips with external parties (not part of your production team) and let them add comments on the clips, or even set the approval status. In the article Share clips for review, we explain how to go about it.

If you share a lot of material with external parties, you can keep track of it in the section 'Shared Material'. This will give you a list of the material that has been shared, a possible expiration date for the material and the permissions that were set at the time of sharing.

In the left corner, you will see two symbols. The first one allows you to open the shared material in a new tab. 

The second one allows you to edit the share properties. Clicking that will give you the pop-up below. 

If you click 'share settings', then you will be able to edit the properties that were set when you shared the material. You can for example allow downloading, reviewing and approving here.

Lastly, you can also see a search box here. By default, we will search on the label of the shared material. 

You can also search on:

  • Description: 

You can for example search for the term "material" as shown below. 

  • A share of a certain collection: