Before you begin: to be able to access this page, you must have permission to do so. This means that you need to be either the production admin or account admin.

To access the reporting section, go to your Production Settings as shown below. You will find this section under 'Manage Production'.

In the 'Reporting' section you can set up different types of reports according to the needs of you and your team. It is also possible to set up reporting schedules. 

1. Manual report generation

You can set up different report types:

  • Production report
  • Clip report 
  • Activity report
  • Workflow report

You can choose the data range you want to have the report for and mail it to yourself or someone else by adding in an email address. Click "Generate and send". 

2. Reporting schedules

If you want to have a regular report coming your way, this is where you want to set it up. Click "Create new schedule" and a pop-up will appear. Choose the report type, add an email address (optional) and choose the interval (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).