Before you begin: to access production-level settings, you must have adequate permission. You need to be either the production admin or account admin. 

Metadata can be configured on both the level of a collection as on the level of a clip. In this article we will go over the clip metadata. To read about the collection metadata, click here.

Note that we do not recommend changing the configuration of existing fields when you already have material in the production that uses these fields.

1. Accessing the metadata

To access the metadata section, go to your Production Settings as shown below.

2. Where will changes to the metadata show?

The changes you make in this metadata section are reflected in different ways. You can see them in the clip info section, which you can access through the 'i' symbol in your grid view of the library. Further down in this article, you will see some examples of what this looks like. 

Secondly, you can see them in the columns of your library (in a list view). 

3. Adding a new field

You can create a new field by clicking on the green 'Add field' button. You will then get the option of either creating a new custom field or use a built-in field.

Note that built-in fields that you remove with the little x will show here in the menu. This means that this menu shows all hidden fields, along with the option of creating a new custom field.

If you want to create a new custom field, a pop-up will ask you to fill in several details, such as ID, type, label, allowed value, default value, etc. Let's go over a few examples.

3.1 Yes / no field

To add a yes/no field, you fill in the ID and label (which will be shown in the clip info) and choose Yes/no as a type. 

After you save the new field, go to the clip info (by clicking on the 'i' symbol  on a clip in your grid view or the three dots next to a clip in your list view of the Flow library). You will see the new Yes/no field there. 

3.2 Other options

Adding a Yes/no field isn't the only option. There are many more options to choose from. In the screenshot below, we have added different options, so you see how they look like in the clip info section of your clip. 

4. Changing or deleting a field

You can also change the order of the fields, edit or delete a field by clicking the respective icons, as shown below.