Before you begin: to access production-level settings, you must have adequate permission. You need to be either the production admin or account admin. 

To access the export settings, go to your Production Settings as shown below. 

Your metadata can be exported in various formats. The settings below let you configure this. By default, all the export options are selected. To limit the amount of available options, you can unselect them. 

The same goes for the available subtitle formats: SRT, STL, EBU-TT-D and WebVTT. Simply unselect the ones you don't want to get offered. 

The settings below will help you organise your media in Edit Suite. Here you can choose how your clips will be named and in which bin they should go (based on the metadata).

And lastly, in the "clip name in AAF" section, you can choose if you want us to use the episode, scene, shot, take information as a clip name. By unchecking the box, we will keep the original clip name in your export.