Before you begin: to access production-level settings, you must have adequate permission. You need to be either the production admin or account admin. 

To access the review settings, go to your Production Settings as shown below. 

Limecraft Flow offers a built-in Review app, which allows you and your team to make comments on clips in your production. 

If you don't need this app, you can disable it here, as shown below.

On the other hand, if you are interested in our Review app, we recommend you read the following articles: How to access the review application, Creating your first comment, Approve clips using the review status

In the last article, we talk about the review status. By default, there are two statuses: APPROVED and NOT_APPROVED. If you wish to add a status, click on the green + button. You could for example make a status APPROVED_BY_EDITOR or APPROVED_BY_CUSTOMER.