Limecraft offers automated subtitling in all common languages. Depending on the language and the local preferences, subtitling styling and timing may differ. This article explains how to access the subtitle editor settings, which also gives you acces to the subtitling spotting rules.

Before you begin: to access production-level settings, you must have adequate permission. You need to be either the production admin or account admin.

You can configure the spotting rules and how the subtitles appear by configuring one or multiple subtitle presets at a production level. To access the subtitle editor settings, go to your Production Settings via the dropdown menu next to the name of the workspace as shown below ("Demo Production"). 

Limecraft screenshot showing how you can access production settings, assuming you have production admin permissions.

Limecraft screenshot illustrating the overview of subtitle editor settings

1. Enabling or Disabling the Subtitle Editor

By enabling the Subtitle Editor, team members have access to the subtitle editor. By default, the Subtitle Editor is accessible and ready to use. If you would like to disable it, do so by unchecking the box as seen below.

2. Subtitle Presets

Using Limecraft, you can define different pre-configured subtitling layout rules and spotting rules ('Subtitle Presets'). 

For example, you may want to define different presets for conventional television (using 40 or 42 characters on a line), for vertical video, or for square video.

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