The Off-load Path configuration defines the library structure on Limecraft Flow and Edge, as well as the folder structure on a back up disk when backing up with Limecraft Edge. This article explains how to set up the path configuration in the Edge section of the Workspace Settings. 

Defining the right path configuration is of specific importance when offloading and backing up media with Edge. It will ensure that all the backup jobs are made in a uniform structure and the resulting libraries and folders are easy to navigate.

Before you begin

You need workspace admin permissions to change and update these settings.

Where to access the Path Configuration settings?

Edge Path Configuration settings are in the Edge Metadata settings on Limecraft Flow Workspace Settings as shown below.

Path configuration for Limecraft Edge Library and the Limecraft Workspace

The first part of the configuration asks for metadata which will be shown in the Limecraft Edge and Workspace library structure. 

  • Maximum number of path parts is 4
  • The first level is always the name of the workspace. 
  • Other levels can be freely chosen. 
  • Pick metadata fields with typing # to construct path parts 
  • Type in text or use both a metadata field and free text for a single path part.

When filling out the metadata details in Edge during import or backup job, the fields configured in these settings are required.

Once the import job is completed, the media is shown in the same structure in the Edge Library.

If the material in ingested to Flow, the Edge Path is used to create the collection structure.

The second and third level will become the collection and subcollection name in Flow. Additionally, all path levels are added as tags on the clips in Flow. 

Offload Disk Path

The second part of the Path configuration is Offload Disk Path. These settings determine the structure of cards on disk when making backups. In other words, the path actually represents folders on disk. 

  • Entire can be templated
  • Path can be of any depth
  • Type free text or
  • Use # to select a metadata field 

When filling out metadata in Edge, these fields will be required. 

In the lower part of the Edge Metadata Screen, you will see a preview of the path. 

When offloading, the path is used to create the folder structure.

Note: It is highly recommended to always use the card name as one of the fields for a proper folder structure.