Metadata can be configured on both the level of a collection as on the level of a clip. In this article we will go over the collection metadata. To read about the clip metadata, click here.

Note that we do not recommend changing the configuration of existing fields when you already have material in the production that uses these fields.

Before you begin: to access production-level settings, you must have adequate permission. You need to be either the production admin or account admin. 

To access the metadata section, go to your Production Settings as shown below. 

Here you can find the metadata fields that are valid on collection level. You can create a new custom field by clicking on the green 'Add field' button. 

A pop-up window will appear. Fill out the ID and label and choose a type. 

You can also change the order of the fields by clicking on the arrows, edit the field or even delete a field by clicking the red X.

If you change any collection metadata, you will see the results in the 'show details' section as shown below.

You will see the following window: