Before you begin: only the account admin will have access to these settings. If you wish to change something in the account settings, but don't have the permission to do so, you will need to contact your account admin to administer the changes.

To access the account settings, simply click 'account settings' on Flow's starting page next to the name of the account you want to manage. You will then see a menu on the left side with all the settings. 

In this section, you get all the details according to your usage, subscription plan, Edge licenses and number of productions in your account.

The following screenshot shows you what this section looks like as an account owner. An account admin will see more or less the same, save a few options such as the Billing information. 

In the 'Usage' section, you will see how much percentage of your credit you have already used. This is also where you need to check if you have enough transcription or translation credits left in case you get an error message stating that you do not have sufficient credits left. In that case, just send us an email at and we'll gladly add you some credits.

Below that, you can see the 'Edge licenses' part. If you have one or multiple Edge licenses, they will be shown here. You will be able to copy the license here and paste it when Edge requests for it during log-in. If you do not have an Edge license yet, feel free to email us at

Below that, you get an overview of all the productions in that account, be it only one (as in the image above) or dozens of them.

Lastly, to the right, you can see the subscription plan you're on and how much the monthly fee is.