Limecraft Subtitle Editor enables you to create subtitles in minutes. You can use the Transcription Editor to transform the audio into high quality subtitles with AI assisted subtitling or import your own subtitle file in a format of your choice. 

In order to get started, please make sure to have video content uploaded in your workspace.

1. Access the subtitling app via the clip actions on a clip thumbnail. 

Picture showing how to access the subtitling app from clip actions on Limecraft workspace.

2. Select several clip and open the Subtitle Editor from the action bar above the library. 

A picture showing how to select several clips and open them in a subtitle editor from Limecraft Workspace.

Both clips are selected and readily available for subtitling in our example.

Picture showing several clips being selected in the Subtitle Editor of Limecraft Workspace.

3 When using the list view of the Limecraft Library, you can find the Subtitle Editor in the clip actions next to the clip name. 

Picture showing where to find the Limecraft subtitle editor from the clip actions when using the list view on Limecraft library.

Clicking on the Subtitle Editor icon opens the editor which gives you several options to create, refine and work with your subtitles. 

Picture showing how the Limecraft Subtitle Editor looks like.

Read more about how to use the Subtitle Editor to create subtitles in this article. 

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