Using Limecraft Transcriber and Subtitle Editor, you can create subtitles for your video in minutes. 

Prior to starting, we assume you have access to a registered account and that some video clips have been uploaded. If not, please check the appropriate sections on account management and media management.

To access the subtitling app, use the "Edit Subtitles" action on a clip thumbnail or in the navigation on top to open the subtitle editor.

Assuming the selected clip has no subtitles yet, you’ll see a window similar to this.

Here you can select the language of the subtitles, the type of subtitling that you want to use (automatic subtitling, importing an existing subtitle file, manual subtitling). If the production has custom subtitle presets, you will see a drop down list with the options. Read more about subtitle presets in this article Configuring Subtitle presets

When the quality of the audio is good enough, you can automatically create subtitles which relies on automatic transcribing that runs behind the scene. This is explained in the article about Automatic subtitling. You can also use this interface to upload existing subtitles in SRT or STL format. A last option is to manually create the subtitles.