In this article, we explain how to use the collection builder as a storyboard editor. 

What is the Collection Builder

When you access the collection builder, the shots in the collection will be displayed in a specific window in which you can modify the sort order of the shot list prior to sharing it for review and approval or exporting it to the edit suite.

Before you begin

Whether the collection builder is available or not, is a configurable setting. In case the collection builder is not accessible, please refer to your production or account admin.

Using the Collection Builder

Open the Collection Builder by clicking the button with the gear icon next to the collection name, and choose ‘Open in Collection Builder’ from the menu. 

The top part of the screen will now show the collection contents. The bottom part still shows the library as it did before opening the Collection Builder.

You can change the sort order of the items in the collection. Hover over an item and click and hold the icon with the four arrows. Drag the item to the desired location.

If you're not sure the collection builder is the tool for you, we recommend reading this article about working with collections first.