Limecraft Flow supports different levels of user roles, notably on the level of the account and on the level of the individual production.

Let's start with the account level. Anyone who gets added on to the account, will have access to all the productions within the account. 

1. Account level 

Admin & owner

There can only be one person with the role of 'admin & owner'. This person is the one who opened the account. As we like to say, this is the person paying the bills. He or she can do everything: create productions, change settings, make changes in the team, etc etc. This role has no limitations. 


There can be multiple admins in the account. People who have the role 'admin' on account level, can access and exercise their permissions on ALL productions within the account. This person can do anything the 'admin & owner' can, except for example access the billing information. But practically, this person can do anything in the account and productions. 

Create productions

Anyone with the role 'create productions' can do exactly that. They can create productions and work within these productions. This person will be able to change production settings, but they will not have access to any account settings. Seeing as they are not an admin, they will only have access to the productions they make themselves or have been invited to. 

2. Production level 

Next, we will move to the production level. In contrast to the roles above, these roles (on production level) only have access to the production(s) they have been invited to, not to the whole account. 

Production administrator

There can be several production administrators within a production. Anyone with this role can do everything within a production, from editing settings to downloading media. This role has no limitations within a production.

Note: the 'admin & owner' and 'admin' on an account level will be called 'production administrator' on production level. 

Production member

A production member can participate and contribute in a production. They can upload or download media, edit transcripts or subtitles, create comments, etc etc. However, they can't change any settings. 

Note that this is the default role for anyone who gets invited to a production. If you want to upgrade them to another role, you'll have to change the permissions in the Production settings > Team settings. 

Custom role 

It is possible to create a custom role within a production. Let's say that you are working together with a Freelance Subtitler and want to create a role for this person; you can do this in the Team settings. All the options are activated at the start, but you can deactivate everything you don't want this role to have permissions for. The screenshot below shows you an example of a custom role.