In the past, it was possible to do a download from Limecraft Flow and Limecraft Edge, but with certain limitations. In Flow, you can download multiple clips at a time, but that doesn't work well for large quantities seeing as Flow gives you a heavy zip file. In Edge, you can download only whole collections or sub-collections. 

This is not an ideal solution for certain situations. That is why we designed a new way to do a bulk download in Edge, started from Flow. 

Before you begin, you will need to download Edge. You can download the latest version through the user icon in the top right corner in Flow. More info about that can be found here. You will also need a valid license key to log into Edge. This can be found by going to Flow, to your Account settings > Usage and billing. This code will need to be pasted into the license key dialog when logging into Edge. In case there is no valid license key in your account settings, send us an email to

Once you've successfully logged into Edge, we can start with the bulk download.

On different places within Flow, you'll find a new "Download with Edge option.". If you look at the screenshots below, you'll find that trigger: 

  • In a thumbnail view of your Library: under the ... menu 
  • In a list view of your Library: under the ... menu
  • In a list view of your Library: under the "more actions" menu 
  • In both the thumbnail view as the list view of your Library: under the "export" option > "download media with Limecraft Edge"

Once you click "Download with Edge", the browser will show a pop-up window asking if it can open Edge. Please accept for the download to start.

Important to mention is that you need to log into Edge with a user that has access to the material. This means that you need to log in with the same username and password that you are logged into Flow with. You also need to use the right Edge license (from that same Flow account). If anything goes wrong in this step - if you don't log in with the same user - you will not go to the download page upon successfully logging into Edge.