It is possible to use Limecraft Edge for burning in text or image watermarks. 

To do that, we need to go into the watermark settings. In Flow, go to your Production Settings and find the Edge settings down below. One of the settings is called the 'Media Encoder'. 

In the section 'Transcode Profiles', click on the profile that you would like to edit, the one you want to add the watermark to.

Note that you can also create a new profile with a watermark. To do that, you will need to click on 'Add profile' and complete all the steps. 

In this case, we will edit the 'Web Proxy' profile by clicking on the pencil symbol. 

A dialog will appear as the one below. Jump to the third dot to add your watermark.

You will get two options:

  • Text or timecode
  • Image

Fill in one of the dialogs that pops up (as shown below) and press 'next' to continue.

If you choose the 'Text or timecode' option, we'd like to note the following:

  • You can burn in metadata of the clip by typing # in the text and choosing a metadata field.
  • You can burn in the timecode by ticking the checkbox 'Append timecode to text'. This will ensure that each frame gets the timecode of that frame burned in.

If you want to use a watermark image, please upload one of these formats: jpeg2000 (to work with alpha channel), jpeg, or png (only available on Mac, not Windows).