If you don't want to take any risks with the security of your Limecraft productions, you can make two-factor authentication mandatory on the entire account. This would ensure that only users who have 2FA set up are allowed to work in the productions of your account. 

Note that setting up 2FA for an account can only be done by the account owner!

Impact of making 2FA mandatory 

Users who already have 2FA set up or use SAML for authenticating won’t notice anything when enabling the requirement. 

Users in your account and productions who do not have 2FA set up already will temporarily loose the ability to access your account / productions until they set up 2FA. 

On the production listing screen, they will see a notice urging them to set up 2FA on their profile (see screenshot below). Naturally, they will still be able to access productions in other accounts.

Requiring 2FA for your account

To make 2FA mandatory for your account, go to Limecraft Flow and access your Account Settings.

On the left hand side, you will find a tab there called 'Account Security'. Once you have opened that, you will see a green button 'Require Two-factor authentication'. Click that to make 2FA mandatory for all users. 

Note that the account owner must already have 2FA enabled on his/her own profile for the 'Require 2FA' button (as shown in the screenshot below) to be active. If that is not the case yet, you can read how to activate it for your profile in

Setting up and logging in with two-factor authentication. 

When you click 'Require Two-factor authentication', you will then get a dialog asking you to confirm your choice. Remember that requiring 2FA for all users in your account will deny access to users who have not set up 2FA already. 

We will then need you to log in and verify your profile with 2FA to complete the process. 

Once you've done that, you will get a confirmation that 2FA is now required for the account. We will also send out an email to all of your team members who do not yet have 2FA enabled. This email will notify them that they need to enable 2FA to access your productions from now on. 

If you go back to the 'Account Security' section, you will see there that 2FA is required for the account. If you wish to disable 2FA from the account, you can also do that here. 

Logging in when 2FA is mandatory

If you invite someone to your production or account after 2FA was required on it, the user will be asked to set up 2FA before they are able to accept the invitation. 

The production overview for someone who still needs to set up 2FA in a 2FA-required account would look like this: 

Whether the user clicks the the invite link or goes via the production overview (as shown in the screenshot above), they will be redirected to Flow and will get a screen such as the one below. When they click on "Set up 2FA now", they will go through the process as described in Setting up and logging in with two-factor authentication