As a background for this article, we recommend reading the article 'Importing files in Edge'.

The ‘Cards’ section in the production settings in Flow, gives an overview of the cards that are created during offloading or ingesting media through Edge. It contains cards metadata, actions and production specific workflows. Cards overview is only available for material offloaded with Limecraft Edge.

1 Access the cards section in flow

Access the 'Cards' section via 'Productions settings' in 'My production' menu in the upper left corner.

Each card that is known to the system is listed here with its details.

2 Card actions

Clicking the button with the three dots … opens a menu with actions that are available on a card. 

The available actions depend on the configuration of the production. An example is shown below:

You can find the same actions here as in the collections, such as 'Show clip details', 'Show clips', 'Rename' etc. 

The additional actions include

  • Show Manifest - will render the json manifest of the card.

  • Download Manifest - will download the json manifest of the card.

  • Show clips - opens the library with a filter showing only the clips attached to the selected card.

3 Production specific workflows

Production specific workflows (such as 'Archive, 'Purge' etc.) appear here if they are configured for your production.