The Flow library gives you various options on how to display your files. These include thumbnails, list view and a sorting function. 

1 View as thumbnail images

View as thumbnail images option organizes your files as a grid with a thumbnail and main metadata. The thumbnail can be automatically selected by Flow algorithm or yourself. Read more about how to select your own thumbnail here: .

2 View as list

View as list option organizes your files in a list view with columns that display a selection of metadata.

3 Manage the list view columns

The list view can be customised according to which columns are displayed.  

With the 'View as List' option selected, click the 'Column Visibility' icon. From the resulting pop-up window you can select which fields to include. The metadata elements shown in this window are configured in the production settings

You can also drag the table to have a view over which columns are visible.

The columns that you selected will be included if you make an export with the 'Export results' option.

4 Sort 

The sort function gives you the option to determine the sequence in which your files are ordered.