Limecraft provides extensive support for multi-channel audio and audio layout configuration. Assuming audio layouts have been defined, you can apply it on a clip. This article explains how to do so.

During Import or Backup using Limecraft Edge

Audio layouts can be imposed as part of the initial backup or import in Limecraft Edge prior to the actual ingest. The ‘Missing Metadata’ screen will contain a field for Audio Layout which will list all defined audio layouts on the production.

Screenshot of Limecraft Edge, illustrating how you can specify an audio layout during backup or import as part of the ingest process

Within Limecraft Flow

When items are already ingested, you can apply an Audio Layout via “Edit audio layout” available on clips.

Screenshot detail illustrating how you can apply an audio layout after ingest

Upon selection, Limecraft will first ask you to select the appropriate audio layout.

Limecraft screenshot detail illustrating how to select an audio layout


Once an audio layout has been selected, you can add additional metadata per channel layout.

Limecraft screenshot illustrating how you can add metadata to a specific audio channel layout

The dialog also contains a checkbox ‘Re-generate the player media when required’. When your production is set up for multi- track audio, checking this box ensures the player will show updated information and allows switching between the different channel layouts of the audio layout.

Click continue, and the audio layout information will be saved. If necessary, the player media will be regenerated as well, which might take a while.