Limecraft Flow and Limecraft Edge use powerful video and audio encoding technology embedded. Used as part of the ingest process or as part the export process, you can access and pre-configure the applicable encoding settings centrally in the appropriate section of the production settings. This article explains how to access the encoding settings.

Before you begin
Limecraft organises audio and video encoding settings centrally to ensure consistent behaviour throughout the production process. Encoding of files may be necessary upon ingest and or upon export of files, and using different tools including Limecraft Flow, Limecraft Edge, Cloud Connector, Watchfolders, etc. By centrally managing the details of the encoding profiles, you ensure that all components use exactly the same settings. 

The settings of the encoding are accessible via the 'Production Settings' for authorized staff (Production Administrator or Production Owner).

Encoding settings in LImecraft are accessible via Production Settings

Within a single production, you can pre-configure several encoding profiles for various purposes. Each encoding profile is individually configurable via the Edit function.

Accessing a specific encoding in Limecraft Flow

The encoding profile gives you access to video encoding parameters (including the video codec, the aspect ratio and resolution settings, the bitrate), the audio encoding parameters (including the audio codec, bitrate and sample rate), general profile settings and advanced settings.

Editing of the encoding profile parameters as used by Limecraft Flow and Limecraft Edge is configurable

In this article you can read in more detail about configuring Transcode Profiles.