Limecraft accepts any file format, and is capable of exporting into a wide range of edit and distribution formats. To that purpose, Limecraft Flow and Limecraft Edge use powerful media encoding technology at their core. To avoid configuration errors, the post-production supervisor or production manager can pre-configure the shortlist of encoding profiles centrally via the production settings. 

Accessing Transcode profiles

As an authorised user (production administrator or admin level) you can edit the audio and video encoding parameters to a very detailed level, including audio transformation, audio channel remapping and watermarking. 

In Flow, go to production settings - Media Encoding. Here you can add new Transcode Profiles or Edit, Clone or Delete the existing ones.

Configuring Transcode profiles

You can specify encoding profiles to a detailed level, including file format transformation, video and audio settings, and watermarks. 

Read more about adding watermarks hereThe detailed description of the transcode profile settings can be found in this article.