In the Billing & Invoices section in the account settings, you can find the latest invoices and manage billing & invoicing details. Please note that account owner or admin level credentials are required to manage these details.

Account Settings

Log in and go to the account settings, Billing & Invoicing section.

Invoices & Payments

In the Invoices & Payments section you will find an overview of the invoices and payments. You can also see the payments status. In case you have credit notes, those will show up here as well.

Payment Information

In the payments section you can view and manage your payment methods. In other words, you can replace card details or add another card. 

Billing Address

In the Billing Information section you can view and manage your billing address and tax details. It is very important to fill out the country and the VAT number correctly for tax purposes. Note: the VAT number should be added without the country code.