As an account owner or an administrator of your Limecraft Workspace, you have the access to the usage section to manage your resources. In the usage section, you can view the status with one glance, you have an overview of the billing status, you can change your subscription plan and manage and add components. 

Let's have a look at all the different resources and capabilities one at a time. 

Access Usage

Access usage section via the account settings. 

Open the Usage section in the account settings and you will find an overview containing the Billing information, Subscription overview, General usage, Storage, Media intelligence, Edge licences and Productions overview all on one page.

Billing Information

On top of the screen, you can see the billing information, including the billing address and the card details.


Subscription Summary

Below the billing information, you can find an overview of the subscription status. There is a summary of the plan that is currently active, price of the plan (excluding extra components such as cloud storage), billing period and an estimate of the next billing amount and the days left of the period. If there has been a downgrade of the plan, the resulting credit is shown here. 

Subscription Actions

On the right of the screen there is a dropdown menu with different subscription actions. It gives you the  option to change your subscription plan* and cancel the subscription.

*NOTE: Currently changing the plan is only possible by contacting the support.

Component Actions

You have various components available for your use depending on your current plan. The basic components are:

 Users, Ingested Media, Productions, Cloud Storage, Managed Media, Media Intelligence and other services. 

See the full overview below. 

Each component has a coggwheel on the top right with a menu listing actions. 

Set limit allows you to lower the max limit of the component. This can be very useful  especially to set a limit for components which allow overage, to avoid surprises on the next invoice.

Manage allows you to add or disable additional services. For Cloud Storage, you can increase or decrease the amount of paid cloud storage. On rendering, you can disable or enable this paid service. See more details about these services below.

Component Usage

Depending on your plan, you have certain amount of resources and components available for your use. In this section, you are presented with an overview of the available resources and the total usage. 

It is visualized whether overage is allowed, in other words exceeding the limit included in the plan, and the price of possible overage. You will also see the maximum allowed overage for the plan that you're on. 

Let's have a look at each component one by one with an example. See also this article for a summary of which elements determine your usage. 


Here you have an overview of the number of users in the subscription, including the invited users. In the below example, you can see that 5 users are included in the Pro plan, and currently there is 1 user.

Ingested Media

Ingested media represents the duration of media that has been uploaded to Flow, and resulted in playable media. 

In our example, the Pro plan includes 15 hours of ingested media per month. We have used 0 hours of it. The plan allows an overage of ingested media up to the maximum of 25 hours per month for the price of 3€ per hour.


The productions section gives you an overview of included productions and the total usage.

As we can see, the Pro plan comes with 5 productions and the subscription currently contains 0 productions.

Cloud Storage

In this section, you can see the amount of cloud storage included in your plan in gigabytes and how much has been used. 

The cloud storage is used for storing non-proxy material. This could include the native material, transcoded versions sent to flow, but also things like thumbnails and attachments. It is possible to by more available cloud storage through the coggwheel on the right upper corner.

Press on the coggwheel to open component related actions.

Click 'Manage' to buy more storage.

Managed Media

Managed media shows you the amount of on-Flow-playable material stored on Flow, measured in hours. In our example, the Pro plan includes 25h of playable media, overage is charged at 3€ per hour and there is a max limit of 100h. 

NOTE: The maximum amount used in the billing period is charged. 


In this section, you can keep track of the amount of automatically transcribed material in the current billing period. All usage is charged in overage at 15€ per hour of material.


This section shows you the amount of material that has been automatically translated in the current billing period. All usage is charged in overage at 15€ per hour.

Rendered Media

Currently the only type of render is 'subtitle burn in'. Rendered Media section shows you the amount of material in hours for which subtitle burn in clips were generated. This feature is optional and only available for Team and Enterprise plans.

If you have Team plan or higher, you can activate this feature by purchasing it as an additional service via Manage action in the coggwheel.

10 hours of renders is included per billing period allowing an overage. Unused credits are not rolled over to the next billing period. 

Edge Licences

Should you have Edge licences, you will see a listing of them here.


At the bottom of the page, you have a listing of productions that are part of the subscription with search and filtering functionality.