As an account owner or an account admin you have access to the billing and invoicing details where you have an overview of invoices. Below we explain to you the basics of what you find in the invoicing details and on your invoices and credit notes. To find out more about what all you can manage and review in the Billing and Invoicing section, navigate to this article. 

You can find the Billing & Invoicing section in the account settings on your main dashboard.

Retrieving Invoice Details

The 'Invoices & payments' section lists both your invoices and credit notes:

Changes to your subscription may result in both Invoices and Credit Notes, so it is important to consider the combination of all transactions they represent. 

For example, downgrading your plan will often result in a credit note which you will see in the credit notes listing. 

The credit will be used on the following invoice where you will also see the amount of credit that was used.

Clicking the download icon at the front of an Invoice or Credit Note item allows you to retrieve the corresponding details.

Reviewing Invoice Details

When opening the pdf-file you downloaded for your invoice or credit note, you will notice the following details:

Invoice Header

This section reveals 

  1. Limecraft company details including VAT number and address
  2. Invoice references, such as Invoice Number, Issue Date, Invoice Amount and Invoice Status
  3. Your details including name, address and VAT number (if applicable)

List of Invoiced Items

This section provides

  1. Detailed overview of all purchased subscription components, with their corresponding reference, quantity and resulting price.
  2. Legal Notice depending on the country if applicable. 
  3. The total amounts associated with the transaction

Invoice History

This section lists the sequence of events for the invoice, including confirmation of payment.

Invoice Conditions

A clause specifying the general Terms and Conditions for the invoice


Depending on the type of plan that you're on, you might see an indication of the usage on your invoice.