When using Limecraft is for securely sharing collections with third parties for review and approval, you can protect access to such shared links by a password. This ensures only authorised individuals have access to the content. Here is how you do it.

Setting the Password when creating or Editing the Shared LInk

When you create a shared link for verification or approval containing one or more material fragments, you have the option to add a password at the point you are manipulating the settings of the shared link.

Limecraft Screenshot Detail illustrating how to set a password on a shared link via the link settings

The color bar under the password field indicates the password strength. If it is green, the password is strong enough for this purpose. Orange or red indicate that the password needs to be stronger. Try adding a mix of letters, numbers, symbols without too much repetition to strengthen your password. 

The Effect of a Password when opening the Shared LInk

The password will be required before accessing the shared content.

Limecraft screenshot detail illustrating the effect of a password when opening a shared link.

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