With the Video Sharing app of Limecraft Workspace, you have the option of sharing material with password protection; ensuring that only authorised individuals can access the shared content. This is how you do it.

Sharing a Clip with Password protection

Use the share icon when moving the pointer over a clip or subclip, or select the clips you want to share in the library, and use the 'Share' function on top. 

Click the 'Generate Shareable Link' button in the dialog that opens.

In the Advanced Settings, select the option to set a password.

The color bar under the password field indicates the password strength. If it is green, the password is strong enough for this purpose. Orange or red indicate that the password needs to be more complicated.

Try adding a mix of letters, numbers, symbols without too much repetition to strengthen your password. 

The password will be required before accessing the shared content.

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