When using Limecraft for securely sharing collections with third parties for review and approval, you can grant the receiver of such shared collections permission to upload new material. This eradicates the need for FTP or third party file transfer mechanisms (including Dropbox, WeTransfer or Aspera) to exchange material. Here is how to enable the upload function.

Enabling the Upload Function

When you create a shared link for verification or approval containing one or more material fragments, you have the option to enable the upload function at the point you are manipulating the settings of the shared link.

Picture showing the Limecraft shared link settings and the option to allow uploading clips via the share.

NOTE: Uploading material is only possible when sharing a collection instead of a clip. 

Using the Upload Function

The upload function is available on the overview page of the share.

Picture from a Limecraft share page showing the upload icon on the upper right corner where it is possible to upload media to the share.

In case you are on the player view, you can navigate back to the overview page with the home icon on the top left of the page.

Picture showing a player view of the Limecraft share page and drawing attention to the home icon that allows to navigate to the overview page.

The share page is synced with the collection on the Limecraft Workspace. The files that are uploaded via a sharelink can be found in the linked collection on the Limecraft Workspace and vice versa.

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