For your media management processes to be effective, it is essential to impose proper naming conventions as part of the video ingest process. It allows your team to easily navigate of the media. Using Limecraft, you have the ability to control the structure of the file names for media. 

Before you Begin

Naming conventions are imposed by Limecraft Edge as part of the ingest process. To configure the applied naming conventions, you need to manipulate settings of Edge instances in LImecraft Flow. To access these settings production admin permissions are required.

Enabling Automated File Renaming

1. Access File Renaming settings in Production Settings, Edge Settings, Edge Metadata. 

2. Define your desired file name structure and save.

3 Upon login in Edge, settings will automatically be pulled from Limecraft Flow thereby ensuring all Edge instances are using the latest up to date naming conventions..

Limecraft infographic illustrating how you can control the naming conventions of ingested files via configuration of Edge Settings

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