Limecraft is a cloud-based Media Asset Management and Workflow Automation solution, optimised for maximum collaboration and operational efficiency. It offers turnkey solutions for Documentary, Fiction, News and Sports, Unscripted Entertaiment formats, and more. Assuming you have accepted an invitation from a team member or you have successfully signed up and created a Limecraft account yourself, here is how to get started.

Limecraft is the collaboration platform of choice by producers of all sizes, and it can be set up to manage complex co-production operations. To that purpose, and to make sure each media assets are exclusively accessible to authorised team members, work is organised by Accounts and Workspaces.

An Account is the equivalent of a customer that registered for a subscription. By signing up for an account, the customer subscribes to Limecraft services, including the ability to ingest, manage, store and exchange media. An Account can have one or more Account Administrators.

A Workspace is a specific collection of media created by an Account Administrator. The Account Administrator can invite one or more team members to the Workspace. Upon accepting their invitation, they can collaborate as a team.

Assuming you have access to the Limecraft platform, either by invitation or by signing up for a registered account your self, you may have to navigate between different workspaces operated by different accounts. This article how to navigate between the different workspaces.

Before you begin

Before you can start using Limecraft, you’ll will need a legitimate user profile. Either you have to accept the invitation of your producer or commissioning editor, or you have to sign up for a registered account yourself. 

Activating your personal account is free and only takes a minute!

Related info:

1. Selecting the Account upon Login

Upon successful login, the first landing page shows all  accounts that you are entitle to participate in. 

Assuming you have access to multiple accounts, you can select the right account here. By selecting one of the available accounts, you will be navigated to the listing of workspaces associated with the account you have been granted access to.

Upon successful login, Limecraft prompts you with a list of accounts you have access to. By selecting a specific account, you get access to the workspaces associated with it.

2. Switching from one Account to another 

If otherwise you were active in a specific account, and you want to switch to another account, you don't need to log out and log in again. You can simply operate the account switch in the left upper corner of the navigation bar to select another account. Doing so, you will be navigated to the workspaces associated with that account you have been granted access to.

Limecraft screenshot fragment illustrating how you can navigate from one account to another.

3. Entering the Workspace

After having selected the account you will be working in, an overview is displayed of all the workspaces that you are participating in under that account. You can enter the workspace by selecting the right one.

Limecraft screenshot illustrating the overview of workspaces after you entered an account.