It is possible to configure the resolution of the video for the export with rendered subtitles in the workspace settings of you Limecraft Workspace. By default, the maximum resolution of the video export with rendered subtitles is 1280x720. Please note that you need workspace admin permissions to access the settings to manage these configurations.

Adding Media Encoding Profile for Rendering Subtitles

To have new profiles available to select from while exporting a version of your video with burned in subtitles, manage the Media Encoding profiles in the Workspace Settings.

1. Go to the Media Encoding section of the Workspace Settings

Picture of the Media Encoding settings of a Limecraft Workspace where you can add new Media Encoding profiles.

2. Create a new Media Encoding profile with the required resolution.

You can either 

  • Add a new encoding proflile or
  • Clone and edit an existing one by clicking on the three dots next to the encoding profile.

Picture showing how to add transcoding profiles in the Media Encoding settings of Limecraft Workspace.

3. Edit the resolution settings

Picture showing where in a transcoding profile to edit the resolution settings in the Workspace settings of the Limecraft Workspace.

The newly created encoding profile will be available to select as an output profile when exporting the version of your video with burned in subtitles

 Picture of the output encoding profiles available for exporting video with burned in subtitles with Limecraft workspace Subtitle Editor.

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