The Sharing application of Limecraft Workspace allows collaboration and sharing of material securely with external stakeholders and collaborators directly from the workspace. In the Workspace Settings, it is possible to review and edit all the Sharelinks.

NOTE: To access the Shared Material, minimum Workspace admin credentials are required.


Access the Shared Material of a Workspace

  • Access the Shared Material via the Workspace Settings.

Picture showing how to access the Shared material in the Workspace settings

  • View the shared links and an overview of the shared settings in the overview listing.

Picture showing a listing of shared material on a workspace.  

View the share page and adapt settings

  • Follow the link to view the page shared with the collaborator(s).
  • Click edit icon to review and adapt the share settings.

Picture showing how to access a particular share page.

Picture showing the share settings when accessed via the Shared Material.

  • In the share settings page you can click on a trash bin icon to deactivate a shared link.

Picture showing how to deactivate a shared link.

Complete guide to sharing material with Limecraft with external collaborators.