One major pain point for producers and post-production companies is ingest of Camera Cards into editorial.

Producers of scripted, factual and unscripted entertainment production can easily create 1000's of files per day, and maintaining the logical structure of camera cards throughout post-production is essential for being able to efficiently access the right contents, for processing dailies, reviewing rushes, editing, and archiving.

For reasons of efficiency, producers often tie up valuable resources and editing decisions to camera cards. Post-production companies ingest cards overnight. Without camera card automation, the ingest process is very inefficient, whereby edit assistants would spend many hours manually backing up camera cards and preparing them for editing.

Limecraft has developed a comprehensive solution for automating camera card ingest. Using Limecraft Edge to drive the ingest process, Limecraft will recognise and automatically process camera cards. All comon camera cards and file formats are supported, including ARRI RAW, Sony XAVC, XDCAM, X-OCN; Panasonic P2; Canon EOS; and RED R3D, etc. For a complete overview, please refer to 'Supported File Formats'.

Key Benefits :

  • Automate camera card back up to archive storage;
  • Automate proxy creation for review and verification, possibly including adding visible watermarks such as a company logo and timecode;
  • Maintain card-based navigation in your workspace for easy access and simultaneously launching workflows on groups of files;
  • Automate ingest into popular editing systems including Avid MediaCentral, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, or online editing;
  • Rewrap camera cards to allow native editing;
  • Accelerated GPU based encoding;

Camera Card support is accessible to all Limecraft users without specific configuration. Using Camera Card support, editors can efficiently browse, select, playback camera media, and add custom metadata. Automated workflows can be triggered for transcoding and re-wrapping for the creation of proxies, high-resolution copies and backups, and the subsequent delivery to editorial. 

Associated clip and card metadata are extracted using Limecraft Edge and subsequently managed as such in your Limecraft Workspace. Upon export to Avid, in both standalone and MediaCentral environments, Limecraft frees up resources, as Limecraft automates the transcoding of ingested clips into Avid compliant MXF files, and checking them into the Avid MediaCentral as appropriate.