This article describes how to use the transcription for creating "sync pull", or subclips that make up your storyboard

Before you begin

Before you can use transcription for pre-cutting, we assume you have access to a valid account and that you have access to material that has been transcribed. If not, please refer to the sections on how to subscribe for an account, how to upload material and how to create a transcript.

Mark quotes

If you want to use the transcript to mark interesting parts and create quotes, click the VIEW button. Also make sure that the subclips sidebar is visible by clicking the subclips button in the top right corner:

The interface now contains a player at the left, the subclips sidebar at the right and the transcript in the middle.

Note: The player controls and the subclips sidebar are explained in detail here. This article is about using the transcript text to create subclips.

Creating a new subclip using the transcript is as easy as marking the text in the transcript, and then clicking the ‘add subclip’ button.

1. Select the text in your transcript:

2. Click the “ADD SUBCLIP” button

3. The timing is filled in automatically, and the quote is included. You can add a description with tags and mentions as usual.