Before you begin

To manage the available storage and transcription quota and to get access to which team members actually consumed what capacity, you need to be known in the system as account manager.

How to check your actual consumption

Starting from the dashboard, use "Account Settings" next to the name of the account. 

In Account Settings, select Usage and Billing from the main menu.

You'll get a detailed overview of the consumption of the different parameters:

  • Production: the number of productions
  • Proxy: the volume of video globally allocated and consumed to your account (in minutes)
  • Data: the total amount of non-media data stored on our platform (in Gigabytes)
  • Cloud: if any, the amount of high-resolution media storage allocated and consumed by your production (in Gigabytes stored on our platform). High-resolution material stored on your servers is not taken into account.
  • Transcription: the total amount of transcription credits allocated to and consumed by your account
  • Translation: the total amount of translation credits allocated to and consumed by your account
  • Edge Licenses allocated to your account

Under the fold you'll get an summary of the capacity consumption broken down per individual production linked to your account.