Limecraft Review enables efficient collaboration among team members with commenting, tagging and verification functionalities. This article shows you the different ways to access the Review functionalities.

Access Review from Clip actions

Library access

You can acces the Review application from the actions bar on top of the library.

1. Select the clip or clips that you want to review.

2. Click Review

A picture from Limecraft Workspace showing how to navigate to Review app from a clip in the library. Select a clip, choose Review from the top toolbar.

Review app is opened.

A picture showing how Limecraft Review app looks like. Video on the left, commenting section on the right. Video screen shows a comment pasted on the frame.

List view access

You can also access the Review from the clip actions in the list view.

1. Select the clip you want to review.

2. Hover over it and click on the three dots to expose more clip actions.

3. Select Review.

Picture showing how to access Review app from a clip from the library list view. Three dots next to the clip name expose a list of clip actions including Review.

Access Review from a clip

Review is also shown as one of the Limecraft Workspace apps in the top toolbar when viewing a clip. 

Picture from a clip on Limecraft Workspace showing how to access Review app from the top toolbar.

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